• What is SpotPlus?

SpotPlus lets you track products and deals in your local stores

    • What platforms do you support?

SpotPlus is currently available in the iOS app store. We will soon be launching an Android version. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when the Android version becomes available.

    • Why didnt I find a product I scanned?

Our catalog is ever expanding. But that said it is still a small fraction of all the products out there. If there is a particular product/brand/store you would like to see, please let us know. We will try to get them into our catalog ASAP.

    • How do I prevent others from seeing my profile (name, picture etc)?

You can hide your profile from the Setting page (on the Me tab). Hiding your profile will cause your name to show as Anonymous. However other users will not be able to follow you when you are Anonymous.

    • How do I delete a product I spotted, liked or added to cart?

You can remove any product you spotted, liked or added to cart, from the Me tab. Just swipe on the cell (Right-Left) and press the delete button.

    • Why am I asked to login to Facebook when I click on ? button?

The Ask button (?) lets you get real-time feedback on a product from your Facebook friends. You can choose which of your friends opinion you want to get by choosing them from the Friend selector page. You need to login to Facebook so that we can show your Facebook friend list for your selection.

    • I dont want to use my Facebook account. What other options do I have?

Right now we only allow one login option (Facebook). We will soon be adding a few more like e-mail, Twitter etc.

    • Why should I login to Facebook to view any pending messages?

We use Facebook messaging platform for sending and receiving messages for historic reasons. We plan to change in a future version.

  • I liked the online price of a product I scanned. How do I buy it?

You can buy the item from the merchant website by clicking on the cell that displays the product. If you would like to instead add it to your shopping cart for future purchase, just swipe on the cell from Right-Left and click on the Add button. You can view your cart from the Me tab.

    • I found some objectionable or offensive content inside your app. How do I report it?

You can report any objectionable content from the product page. Click on the Report button at the lower-left corner of the product image. The items you report are automatically flagged for review. We will take appropriate action upon review.

    • How do you ensure the validity of information entered by users (e.g., price or availability of a product they may have spotted)?

SpotPlus is a crowd-sourced platform. Price and availability of a product are generally very time sensitive. We have no way of verifying the information provided by our users are accurate and/or timely. If you want to checkout a product you saw within the app, we always recommend that you call the store beforehand, prior to heading there.

    • Why don’t I see all my Facebook friends in the friend list page?

Facebook only returns the names of users who have installed this app. So if you don’t see your friends name in the list, please invite them to install this app.

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