There are multiple levels of customization possible with xChannel.

  1. The xChannel dashboard may be easily customized for branding purposes (color, font, logo, images etc)
  2. The campaign data today is setup exclusively through our web dashboard. But it may be easily extended to a feed format and integrated with your campaign management system
  3. We are today integrated with Flurry for analytics. But because of appropriate encapsulation, we can easily extend it to other analytics platform like Google, MixPanel, etc.
  4. Today we support social campaigns on 3 different social channels – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It can be extended to other social channels like Snapchat and Instagram with minimal effort
  5. We currently support our client side API on iOS and Android. Other device platforms will be added on an as needed basis. Also our iOS API today is in Objective-C with a Swift client planned for 2017
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