Snap-to-Store and Online-Offline Attribution

According to WSJ, Snap Inc. recently opened up their Snap-to-Store feature to brands. They have been testing this feature since late 2015.

The diagram below shows how Snap-to-Store works from a customer point of view (source: WSJ).

Flow Diagram for Snap-to-Store Source: wsj

XChannel generalizes this feature by targeting campaigns to multiple social platforms (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram) and measuring the incremental click-traffic and foot-traffic.

The feature essentially capitalizes on the pervasive selfie culture which has seen an explosive growth on various Social Networking sites. The Beauty Industry has been a direct beneficiary of this trend. Postings on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest provide visual inspiration to the viewer and in turn, end up setting new beauty trends.

Online to Offline attribution has seen a lot of interest lately. Google Store Visits has been measuring the effectiveness of online Search advertisements in driving foot traffic to stores. Facebook also has been testing a new version of Facebook Rewards which aims to incentivize store visits with Offers tied to customer loyalty. XChannel and Snap-to-Store approach it from the other end, by measuring the effectiveness of in-store campaigns on incremental click-traffic and foot-traffic.

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