Tracking the “Offer Journey” with XChannel Analytics

In traditional retail, offers are intended to facilitate a transaction. A relevant offer delivered at the right time and place can go a long way towards incentivizing the customer to purchase one or more products.

XChannel supports these types of offers which are triggered based on the customer’s proximity to a product or brand while they are in store.

In addition we also support offers based on Social Action. They can be either –

  1. Location Based Social Campaigns – Triggered when the customer enters or exits a predefined geo location
  2. Proximity Based (Contextual) Social Campaigns – Triggered when the customer is near a product or a brand as indicated by a nearby beacon

In these cases, an offer not only facilitates a transaction, but they can also drive future transactions. In case of these campaigns, we track the journey of these Offers through various social platforms to measure their effectiveness and also identify key influencers for your brand. This data then forms part of the information that goes into deciding future offers to the customer. These offers are generated with the goal of increasing conversion and increasing social chatter.


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