Future Proof Your Beacon Installation With xChannel

One of the key benefits of xChannel platform is that it is Beacon Vendor-Agnostic.

What does it mean to be Beacon Vendor-Agnostic?


With the popularity of beacons growing in the market, the number of beacon vendors has exploded. Today there are no less than 20 distinct manufacturers who make beacons at various price points and with various capabilities. Some of the manufacturers also provide their own API’s to access their beacons. So buying their hardware could potentially tie you to their software stack.

Beacon hardware capabilities are in their infancy today with less than 3 years of evolution behind them. They are likely to become more powerful and versatile in the years to come. Also more players are likely to enter the market in future as evidenced by Google’s entry with Eddystone in the past year. So tieing your enterprise to this hardware-software stack can be a difficult web to untangle down the road. This is where the flexibility offered by xChannel can be very useful.

Our service will work independent of which beacon hardware is being used. This makes it easy for you to switch the underlying hardware and take advantage of new features and functionalities (not to mention cheaper prices) without having to change the entire software stack leading to less coupling and more flexibility. Future proof your beacon installation by choosing xChannel.

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