Why xChannel?

Thousands of customers walk through a typical store every week and many of them carry a smartphone. But engaging them when they are in stores is a challenge. Between not being able to provide relevant information or offers, to respecting customer privacy, and to avoiding the “annoyance factor”, in-store customer engagement is fraught with issues.

So the problem boils down to this – how do we increase the relevance and ROI on in-store engagements without turning off the customer?

That’s where XChannel platform¬†comes in.

The goals of XChannel are twofold –

  1. Increase in-store sales
  2. Use in-store campaigns to drive more traffic to physical and/or online stores

We support 3 types of campaigns

  • Proximity Campaigns (based on Beacon technology)
  • Geo Location Based Social Campaigns
  • Contextual Social Campaigns

With our unique Contextual Social Campaigns you can run Social Campaigns within the store at specific locations and reward the customers’ social action with offers that are most relevant to them. By bringing together Proximity Targeting with Social Marketing, we marry the customer intent, as obtained from proximity, with customer information as obtained from Social Networks. By explicitly having users opt-in to these in-store campaigns, we avoid the privacy and “annoyance¬†factor” concerns. Because of the viral nature of Social Campaigns, even a small percentage of users subscribing to these campaigns can have a much larger downstream impact. In addition, focusing on mobile and social provide a perfect way to engage the millennials who happen to be the fastest growing shopping segment in terms of retail spending.

Today we support campaigns targeting Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Our analytics platform tracks the downstream impact of our Social Campaigns to assess their effectiveness. Track how many people liked/shared/clicked the campaign generated content. Segment the data to see which campaigns or stores are performing, setup funnels to track various customer scenarios, or performs cohort analysis on users who participated in a campaign. Do all this and more from a single Campaign Dashboard.

But wait there is more! Our learning system uses campaign performance data to suggest ways of fine-tuning the campaign to drive the above two goals.

XChannel platform is supported on iOS, Android and Mobile Web. We support both leading Beacon standards – iBeacon and Eddystone. But our platform is entirely Beacon Vendor Agnostic.

In summary, XChannel is a 360 degree mobile engagement and marketing platform to target customers when they are in-store. Engage your customers in-store and reap its benefit both online and in stores by increasing store sales and driving more online and/or store traffic.

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