Introducing xChannel

In-store proximity marketing has been gaining a lot of traction ever since Apple launched iBeacon in 2013 and Google launched Eddystone in 2015. 

XChannel is a proximity based mobile marketing platform for retailers and brands. It leverages two of the key predictors of relevance – physical proximity and social connection. In doing so, marketers get to target their offers better, while also generating buzz in the social media about their products or offers.

From our Campaign Center, you can do the following –

  1. Setup and manage proximity based or social campaigns
  2. Associate a campaign with one or more beacons or stores
  3. Change beacon-campaign association on the fly
  4. Offer monetary or loyalty based in-app rewards
  5. Monitor the campaign performance by store/beacon in real-time
  6. Monitor social media chatter around your campaign in real-time
  7. Target campaigns to your influencer’s

Today xChannel works on iOS, Android and Mobile Web with campaigns targeting Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Supercharge relevance of your in-store offers by merging physical proximity of Beacons with various Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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